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The agency that guarantees success!

Whether it’s about increasing brand awareness, acquiring high-quality leads, or driving sales, if we don’t meet our KPIs, you don’t pay! How do we do it? We don’t have a “trick” or “secret formula,” but rather a team that specialises in setting up and optimising marketing funnels by running over 1,000 tests per month.

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Team IVC - International Video Company

Teamwork makes dream work

Meet a small selection of the IVC team members who will help you grow!

Huub Lensvelt
Huub Lensvelt - IVC
Nina van Honk
Creative Producer
Phylos Donkertino
Phylos Donkertino - International Video Company
Nancy van der Drift
Lex Meijer
Lex Meijer - International Video Company
Rutger Brussen
Rutger Brussen - International Video Company
Floor de Kler
Marketing intern
Floor de Kler - IVC

About IVC

International Video Company was formed in early 2021 after a merger of multiple video production companies. With a team of 15+ digital experts specialising in data research, YouTube SEO, video production, and more, we leverage our years of experience and data research to know exactly what works and what doesn’t in the realm of video marketing. We translate this knowledge into campaigns that truly deliver results!

Marc Forno - International Video Company

Do you want a guarantee for success?

The only agency in the Netherlands that guarantees results – otherwise, you don’t pay anything!