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The objective of Storytel was to improve its visibility and optimize watch time. If keywords related to audiobooks were used, Storytel should rank at the top of YouTube search results.


Together with Storytel, a company that facilitates audiobooks, we developed a YouTube strategy with the idea of creating a series of six videos about highly searched books for Booklovers.

We analyzed various competing channels and videos to identify the most searched topics on YouTube. This allowed us to know exactly what our target audience wanted to see and which videos we needed to produce. Our research showed that Booklovers search for both categories and specific books. To test which format performed better, we chose to produce both formats.

Our advertising strategy consisted of Discovery Ads, which allowed us to present the videos as recommended content to the target audience instead of pre-rolls. This enabled us to reach viewers who were actually interested in book-related topics and approach them in a more natural way. This way, we could strengthen our organic reach and reach people who might not have come across our videos otherwise.

Through our internal neurological research lab, we were able to continuously test and optimize the thumbnails, which ensured that all videos rank in the top 3.


Through our data-driven research, production, and distribution, we have achieved the following results:
(3 August – 12 October 2022)

  • Top 3 rankings for all 6 videos on selected keywords
  • Top lists (categories) format performed the best
  • 205,000 total number of views
  • 92% top 3 rankings
  • 310% increase in watch time
  • 265% increase in subscribers

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