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Increasing Your Sales Through SEO



The objective of the Rijksmuseum was to increase the visibility of the already produced videos about Johannes Vermeer and to have them appear more frequently in suggested videos. When keywords related to Johannes Vermeer are used, the Rijksmuseum should rank at the top in YouTube. However, as a bonus, the optimizations also resulted in a 100% organic increase in ticket sales.


IVC conducted a comprehensive YouTube analysis of the entire channel, analyzing it on more than 150 points. This review provided us with a clear understanding of how to optimize the videos to better resonate with the target audience. These two videos, as well as the channel, playlist, and overall design (end cards and thumbnails), were optimized for SEO purposes.


Through our data-driven research and distribution, we achieved the following results:

  • 250% increase in purchase intent
  • 170% increase in views
  • 94% increase in watch time
  • 198% increase in subscribers
  • 210% increase in suggested videos stijging in suggested video’s

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