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For Basiclabel (the interior brand of De Eekhoorn), we have set up an Always-on YouTube strategy. What does that have to do with TikTok? Well, we suggested setting up TikTok for free (as a continuation of the ongoing campaign) and publishing TikTok-proof content as an “extra”. And that has escalated significantly!


Through data-driven research on shorts and TikTok, we knew exactly how to produce effective short-form content without the need for extra shooting days. While the overall campaign focus was on YouTube, we were able to consider optimized short-form content through clever productions. A win-win situation!

The concept of publishing the same content on different social media channels, also known as “refurbished content,” has been around for years. However, our approach to this is different. The success on TikTok is not just due to the quality of the videos, but mainly due to the prior research. Through a video-topic research, we divided the long-form videos into relevant chapters that are in high demand, such as “Which color for the bedroom?” TikTok’s algorithm pushes content when it perfectly matches the needs of the target audience. When those two elements match, you have a viral short on your hands!


Through our data-driven research, production, and distribution, we have achieved the following results:
(9th September – 31st December 2022)

  • 300,000 organic views
  • 91% average watch time
  • 5,550 total likes
  • 1,900 saved posts opgeslagen posts

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