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Basiclabel is the interior brand of De Eekhoorn with a complete range of home furnishings, from sofas to vases. Their goal was to increase awareness on relevant domains such as home inspiration and interior design within the interior market on YouTube. But we saw the bigger picture and made a promise to become the market leader in those domains within 1 year! Key metrics were YouTube rankings (SEO), total views, and watch time.


Our strategy consisted of three phases: data-driven audience research, strategic content creation, and smart distribution. The research served as a foundation for the following phases and provided direction for the creation and distribution of the content.

We started by mapping out the entire home inspiration domain on YouTube and Google. We researched what questions and challenges people search for regarding home and interior design and what competitors were doing. By combining data-driven insights, trends, and best practices with effective content creation, we achieved an effective YouTube distribution strategy.



During distribution, we ensured that the videos were 100% SEO-optimized, including customized thumbnails, titles, descriptions, tags, and playlists. Each video had its own fully optimized landing page. In total, we created 15 videos and didn’t stop there. The long-form content was divided into 38 snippets that were also used on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels. This way, we maximized the results from the produced content.

Because the videos perfectly aligned with the audience’s questions, we achieved top rankings in both YouTube and Google, quickly surpassing their biggest competitors in search results.

Next, we implemented an intent-based YouTube Advertising strategy to strengthen organic reach. Our data-driven research formed the basis once again. Based on the researched ‘home inspiration’ domain on Google Search, we created tailored audiences and targeted them with In-Feed Ads. This way, only the people who showed interest were reached, resulting in minimal waste and a huge increase in positive engagement (comments, subscribers, likes).


But the secret to our campaign lies in the final phase. Testing, testing and testing! The advantage of this always-on campaign was that we were able to test and optimize a lot. Not only in the campaigns themselves, but also in the content creation. Through our internal neurological research lab, we conducted over 550 tests to ensure that our thumbnails and videos capture the most attention. This resulted in an extremely high CTR and viewer loyalty.


Through our data-driven research, production, and distribution, we achieved the following results:
(January 1 – December 31, 2022)

  • Market leader with a growth in market share from 0% to 14%
  • 97 rankings on keywords in YouTube and Google Search
  • 550,000 total views
  • 300,000 organic views
  • 32,000 watch time in hours
  • 2,600 subscribers/followers
  • 100% average SEO score
  • 61% viewer loyalty
  • 7.5% CTR

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