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How Exact increases +950% in rankings

Exact Software


The accounting domain is heavily competitive and that’s why Exact is always looking for innovative ways to increase their market share. And preferably, they want to achieve this through a sustainable organic strategy. So the question was simple: “Can Exact increase their market share in the accounting domain using YouTube through SEO content?” And the answer is yes!


Exact, a company specializing in accounting software, collaborated with us to develop a YouTube strategy. The idea was to create a series of 3 how-to videos that would answer the most searched questions about accounting in the Netherlands. Research showed that many self-employed individuals were looking for help with their accounting, and so the “Accounting for Beginners” YouTube series was born.

We analyzed various competitive channels and videos to identify the most searched topics on YouTube. This helped us to know exactly what our target audience wanted to see and which videos we needed to produce to play an important role in the consideration phase. In addition, we analyzed hundreds of successful how-to videos both nationally and internationally to develop a blueprint for the perfect how-to video.

Our advertising strategy consisted of Discovery Ads, which allowed us to present the videos as recommended content to the target audience instead of pre-rolls. This enabled us to reach viewers who were actually interested in accounting-related topics and approach them in a more natural way. This allowed us to strengthen our organic reach and reach people who might not have otherwise come across our videos.

Our main goal was to increase Exact’s market share on YouTube within the accounting domain. To achieve this, we focused on YouTube rankings, total views, and watch time as the main KPIs. We fully leveraged the YouTube algorithm by using optimized video SEO, special landing pages, social media distribution, and intent-based Discovery Ads.


Through our data-driven research, production, and distribution, we achieved the following results:
(November 16 – December 31, 2022)

  • 61 rankings on keywords in YouTube and Google Search
  • 50,150 total views
  • +1,325% increase in subscribers
  • +450% increase in average watch time
  • +2% increase in market share in the accounting software domain.


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