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M line


During projects, we consistently encountered the same issue, namely that the sleep industry was missing out on significant opportunities on YouTube (and still is). That’s why we approached M line (a subsidiary of Beter Bed) with the opportunity to become the market leader on YouTube. Thanks to the team’s trust, we were able to achieve this objective!


M line collaborated with us to develop an Always-on YouTube campaign. We created a series of how-to videos that answered the most searched questions about sleeping in the Netherlands.

Using our data-driven audience research, we analyzed which topics had the most potential to reach and help the target audience. We analyzed competing channels and videos and mapped out the most searched topics on YouTube. This enabled us to know exactly what our audience wanted to see and create important content that helped us play a role in the consideration phase and generate thousands of hours of watch time.

To increase organic reach, we used our data-driven audience research to develop a smart advertising strategy. We used a combination of skippable in-stream campaigns and in-feed ads to reach people who were searching for sleep-related topics but initially didn’t click on the M line videos.


Through our data-driven research, production, and distribution, we achieved the following results
(January 1 – December 31, 2022)

  • 1% > 16.39% Market leader
  • Top 3 Rankings for all 15 videos
  • 97 Total rankings
  • 2:44 Avg. Watch time

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